Zura Gomelauri’s Art at Crowne Plaza, Where Luxury Meets Serenity

At Crowne Plaza, SWEFLAND Group has partnered with the renowned artist Zura Gomelauri to bring the essence of coastal living to life.


Zura Gomelauri, a celebrated artist, has beautifully captured the sea’s essence, crafting a masterpiece that mirrors the ever-changing moods of the Black Sea. This unique artwork immerses residents of Crowne Plaza in the serene ambiance of the sea.

For potential homeowners seeking to own this exceptional piece of art, SWEFLAND Group has devised an enticing opportunity. By securing an apartment during September, you can claim Gomelauri’s exquisite artwork as your own.

Crowne Plaza seamlessly melds luxury, the embrace of nature, and artistic expression. Spacious apartments offer breathtaking sea views, while Gomelauri’s masterpiece graces your wall, seamlessly connecting your living space with the Black Sea’s nature.

As September dawns, seize the opportunity to make Crowne Plaza your home and receive Zura Gomelauri’s masterpiece as a gracious gift.

Don’t let the chance slip away to become a part of Crowne Plaza, where coastal living is elevated to an art form, and the sea itself becomes your living masterpiece.

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