What is the Swef Land Development long term vision in Georgia?

Development Company Swef Land Group, along with projects development, tries to facilitate attraction of foreign investment to Georgia. As they say in the company, the steps made towards commercial direction are permanently in line with the interests of the country. It is worth mentioning that Swef Land implements the projects in the less development of the local infrastructure and at that, new work places are being created locally. Property Media spoke with Mahmud Semi, Executive Director of Swef Land Group

– How important is urban, regional development for the country and what is your role in these processes?

– First of all thank you for talking to me about such an interesting topic. Georgia today is moving to a new stage of development in all directions and of course urban and regional development is an essential part of this process. We see the active steps taken by the state in this direction and we try to support this process as much as possible. In all projects implemented in the regions, our main goal is to adapt the project to the landscape as much as possible, to make the benefits available to the local population in the form of infrastructure and buildings for various uses.

Within the framework of the current projects, the concept of innovative-ecological type settlements has been developed, which will provide all the necessary household, infrastructural, social and other conditions. Local residents of the settlement and surrounding areas will be provided with jobs and appropriate social and medical care facilities, including sports activities. In addition, all projects will be attractive from a tourism point of view and, most importantly, will help improve the social conditions of the local population and the local community, as the settlements created by the company and its infrastructure will be accessible to people of all ages and economic status.

– Tell us about your long-term visions

– The main goal of the company is to promote integration between sectors such as: residential complexes, agriculture, transport, energy and industry, health, education, tourism and also the social and economic improvement and development of the surrounding areas. In other words – the activity of the company is a special type of activity, which is aimed at creating and developing a harmonious and appropriate environment for human life.

Our core value is the development of space based on the creation of public and environmental benefits. It should be noted that the company implements projects in less developed areas where infrastructure, utilities, etc. need to be restored or due to its absence require initial arrangement.

As a result of the research conducted in the respective regions, the company develops the next development strategy and the initial development plan, which the design and construction service of the company agrees with the local municipality and the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia.

We see ourselves in the service of the country where we are implementing our projects. Any step taken in the commercial direction must be in line with the interests of the country.

– Share with us your future plans as well

– The company Swifland tries its best to promote the development of the investment environment in Georgia. For this purpose, on January 28, 2021, the first investment forum was organized by us, Invest Hub, which was attended by investors from 9 countries and representatives of the Georgian private sector and government. Information was exchanged between the attendees and future plans were formed.

The company has signed two memoranda on the implementation of innovative architectural and conceptual projects:

1) Memorandum on the implementation of an investment business rural architectural project in China

2) Memorandum on the design and construction of an innovative medical center in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense

The company actively supports Georgian sports, we have started sponsoring a regional team, Gardabani and we are preparing a stadium reconstruction project; Also joined the Master League where we support a team that will compete on behalf of Swiftland.

We are also preparing social projects for the regions where our projects are implemented , because we think that today the support and development of the regions is the most important challenge for the country.

Finally, one of the important plans of the company is to build an industrial zone in Georgia.


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